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Marina Malyarenko

San Pedro

San Pedro

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San Pedro
Fluorescent acrylic on canvas
16x20 iches
Marina Malyarenko

The Story Behind This Painting 🌵🌸
Some time ago, I began painting a canvas with vibrant flowers during a live painting session at a Ukrainian event. The painting, adorned with flowers, remained unfinished for a while, as I contemplated how to add the finishing touches. In the midst of this creative pause, an idea blossomed.
My husband, who has a keen eye for art, looked at the empty space in the middle of the canvas and saw the shape of a cactus. At first, I hesitated, unsure about incorporating a cactus into the traditional Ukrainian Petrykivka style. But then, I thought, why not? While cacti aren’t found in traditional Ukrainian gardens, Ukrainians have a deep love for all things botanical.
They find joy in nurturing plants, including the happy growth of indoor cacti. So, why not blend the essence of two different worlds?
And so, the magical San Pedro cactus found its place among the enchanting Petrykivka flowers on my canvas. This fusion brings together wisdom and a fresh perspective on reality, symbolized by the mystical blooms of Petrykivka.
Hovering nearby is little Hanna’s hummingbird, a natural pollinator of the cactus and a symbol of beauty and power in American folklore. Together, they create a harmonious blend of cultures and traditions, reminding us that art knows no boundaries

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