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Marina Malyarenko



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Fluorescent acrylic on wood
24x24 inches
By Marina Malyarenko

My potato is both magical and pest-resistant. A vigilant little tit bird(синичка-бандерівка) stands guard, protecting it from Colorado beetles. This painting is a tribute to my cherished childhood memories.

In the 1990s, many Ukrainian families depended on the potatoes they cultivated to endure harsh winters. Ukrainian cuisine boasts a diverse array of dishes featuring this humble vegetable. Potatoes, often considered common, reveal their intrinsic beauty when observed closely.

🥔Since childhood, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with potatoes. I love to eat them. They were one of the first things I learned to grow; Magically you put them in the ground, and they multiply. However, I didn’t like working in the field under the scorching sun for too long, and I was scared as hell of those Colorado beetles and their larvae, uuuf🪲🐛

Many years later, during the COVID pandemic, I visited a friend. She was planting all sorts of things and shared her garden with me. At the end of her tour, she said, ‘OMG, I want to show you something! Guess what got forgotten in the fridge and I planted it?’ I recognized it immediately, and I was amazed!!! What a beautiful plant!🌸

So, this is my appreciation for this plant that used to feed many of us during those hard times and remains a favorite, delicious food for us.
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