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Marina Malyarenko

Beetles and Cherry Blossom

Beetles and Cherry Blossom

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Beatles and Cherry Blossom - Хрущі над Вишнями
Fluorescent acrylic on wood
11х14 inches
By Marina Malyarenko 


Beside the cottage cherry-trees are swinging,

Above the cherries may-bugs winging,

Ploughmen with their ploughs are homeward heading,

And lassies as they pass are singing,

While mothers wait with supper ready.

Beside the cottage all the family’s eating,

Above, the evening star the sunset’s greeting.

The evening meal the daughter serves around,

When mother chides, from where she’s seated,

Her voice by singing nightingales is drowned.

Beside the cottage mother’s lullabying

Till little ones in golden slumbers’re lying;

She herself beside them falls asleep.

All is quiet, only the girls are vying

With nightingales and can’t their quiet keep.


This painting was inspired by a poem written by the famous Ukrainian poet, Taras Shevchenko. The poet penned this beautiful piece while he was in prison in Saint Petersburg. As he had no other book available, he wrote it on a page from the Bible. Shevchenko had been arrested for suspicion of being part of a secret political society in Kyiv. The society sought to revive the ideals of the traditional Ukrainian brotherhoods and envisioned a Ukrainian language revival, including national autonomy within a free and equal Slavic federation.

Despite being in prison, Shevchenko remained calm and positive, and even joked with his guards. He did not divulge any information to the Russian secret police. However, because of his poetry, he was eventually forced to serve in the army for ten years, far from his homeland. During this time, he was prohibited from writing and painting

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