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Marina Malyarenko



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Thistle Будячок

11x14 inches 

fluorescent acrylic on wood 

by Marina Malyarenko 


The thistle is an amazing plant. It symbolizes resilience and protection in many cultures. In Ukrainian, there are a few names for this plant. 'будяк' means 'prickly, spiky' in Proto-Slavic, a very old Slavic language. Another cool name is 'чортополох,' which means 'one who scares devils.' So this plant protects you from evil. Additionally, its wonderful soft flowers attract bees. When I used to live in Seattle, I had thistles growing by my house. It was the most beautiful and well-growing plant I had! At some point, it grew as high as me! Bees loved it, and I loved it too!

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